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Miquel Sabaté Solà (Piera, 1989) has a degree in Computer Science (FIB/UPC, 2014) and in Catalan Language and Literature (UOC, 2022). He works as a Senior Full-Stack Software Developer at SUSE, has contributed to numerous FOSS projects, and has acted as a mentor in the Google Summer of Code program twice: once with the KDE project, and another with openSUSE.

He is currently taking the University Master’s Degree in Advanced Research in Humanistic Studies at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (2022-2023), where he continues the research that he started with his Bachelor’s thesis «Poesia completa de Joan Terrer. Estudi i edició crítica» (2022, not published), directed by Marc Sogues Marco. His main topics of research are the textual criticism of unpublished authors of the catalan Barroque period, and their contextualization.

He is also involved in politics, being a member of Vila de Capellades - CUP, and, during the municipal elections celebrated in may 2019, he was nominated as councilor at Capellades. When forming up the government of the Town Hall, he was nominated as councilor of Youth, Citizen Participation and Transparency; which he later renounced in march 2023. On the next elections, in 2023, he was reelected as a councilor, but remaining at the opposition this time. Moreover, in october 2020, he also took the position of councilor at the Consell Comarcal de l’Anoia from representatives that left office early, being also a spokesman there for the CUP party until july 2023 (end of the term).